Don't Be A Jackass Vote Trump 2024 Magnet
Magnet on a white Ford truck
Magnet on a blue Ford SUV
Magnet on a stainless steel refrigerator
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Don't Be A Jackass Vote Trump Magnet

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Magnet Description:

A clever republican political magnet that says Don't Be A Jackass Vote Trump 2024. This pro-republican strip magnet also features the democrat donkey and red, white and blue color scheme.

Magnet Specifications:

Item: Magnet

Size: 10" x 3" strip magnet

Colors: Red, white, blue

Materials: .030” vinyl magnet, screen printed or digitally printed graphics

Application: Indoor or outdoor use, sticks to any magnetic metal surface, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, refrigerators, metal file cabinets, metal desks, metal doors, etc.

Country of Manufacture: United States

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